2 years ago


I really don't know what I feel for you, believe me i've tried to understand this feelings so many times what I know for sure is that I don't love you, if that's the case why don't i want to lose you?

I think about you all the time even if I don't want to or force myself not to, i miss and long for you but this change when we meet because we fight alot.

I dont feel you at all when we are together, when we kiss but I don't like it when you are with someone else or even that thought of you if someone else makes me angry

I enjoy hurting you and seeing you suffer over me but not when you are sad because of something else. what's really my problem?

2 years ago


Don't hate me because I am not you or because I am me. hate is exhausting and stressing and it affects the person with the hate inside him or her, why kill yourself early because of something you can control? hate will only stop you from reaching your destiny because you will be so focus with your hatred instead of what you need to do to go far in life. everyone is unique, that's what makes us who we are, unless you stop hating you will never move on. hate is like a magnet it makes us stick in one place.

2 years ago

Dear Destiny

Upon my bed by night I seek him whom my soul yarns for but find him not

Upon the way by day I try to caught him but he rans away

I feel him every where I go but can't see him, I call upon him but he answers me not.

I dream about him every single night, I wish to be there with him but it seems so impossible

whenever I try to touch him he always vanish into the thin air, I smile at him but he response

not I wave at him but he look another way. they say I can't ignore or avoid me that I must reach out

for him before its too late and that I will eventually find if I try too hard, if I don't I will be of no use to

me and that I will never settle down without him . why then does he ran away every time he sees me?